SEcure GAteway for the COnnected VEhicle

Nowadays, CAN stands for Controller Area Network, is the de-facto standard for vehicle networking, sometimes it is also identified as VDB (Vehicle Data Bus). 
Despite its popularity, CAN bus is not the only network inside any modern vehicle, and in a single vehicle there are usually different networks (multiple CAN networks and NON-CAN networks).

The separation between the different CAN buses allow much more resilience of the critical systems in the case a noncritical control unit fails. Engine Control, Airbag, Braking subsystem, Speed control and ABS, are the most safety-critical systems, require high speed, and therefore are usually kept separated from less critical systems. These different networks are grouped in 3 main classes:
  1. Body Frame, requiring speeds up to 10Kbps (electric glasses, doors, etc,) [as example of BCM see later references to Peugeot BSI Built-in System Interface]
  2. Dashboard instrumentation, requiring speed range 50-125Kbps (instrumentation, air conditioning, etc.)
  3. Engine and powertrain, requiring high speed (up to 1Mbps)

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