Co-designed with CEA Tech LIST, Airbus Innovation Group and Engie, Secured On-the-pouce Decentralized Architecture for the Industrial Internet of Things features innovative solutions to manage IIoT access rights management and to secure software/firmware update through Blockchain technology & cryptographic signatures

SODA-IIoT Slideshow

  • Synopsis of SODA-IIoT

  • Innovative solutions to manage IIoT access rights management

  • SODA-IIoT4Automotive

  • SODA-IIoT Demo blockchain updater

  • SODA-IIoT Demo publish update

  • SODA-IIoT Demo Sign & Encrypt update

  • SODA-IIoT Demo Transaction explorer

  • SODA-IIoT Press article Usine Nouvelle (in french)

  • SODA-IIoT Press article in Science & Avenir (in french)

  • SODA-IIoT Renaud Sirdey (CEA LIST) @ France Strategie

Publication: "Towards Better Availability and Accountability for IoT Updates by means of a Blockchain" by Aymen Boudguiga, Nabil Bouzerna, Louis Granboulan, Alexis Olivereau, Flavien Quesnel, Anthony Roger and Renaud Sirdey - 29 April 2017 on IEEE Security & Blockchain workshop (an IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy and Eurocrypt2017 affiliated workshop) 

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