SODA-IIoT4ConnectedCars: Spread updates between cars with limited Internet access

SODA-IIoT4ConnectedCars offers a secure way to update the components of cars that have limited or intermittent Internet access. A blockchain infrastructure, combined with cryptographic signatures, can improve availability and accountability for the deployment of IoT updates. However, cars with limited or intermittent Internet access may have difficulties in downloading full updates from the blockchain.Therefore, we allow cars that successfully downloaded updates to share them with other cars by means of a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mechanism.

SODA-IIoT4Automotive Slideshow

  • SODA-IIoT Press article in Science & Avenir (in french)

  • SODA-IIoT Press article in Science & Avenir (in french)

  • SODA-IIoT4ConnectedCars

  • SODA-IIoT Demo blockchain updater

  • SODA-IIoT Demo publish update

  • SODA-IIoT Demo Sign & Encrypt update

  • SODA-IIoT Demo Transaction explorer

  • SODA-IIoT Press article Usine Nouvelle (in french)

  • Synopsis of SODA-IIoT

  • SODA-IIoT Renaud Sirdey (CEA LIST) @ France Strategie

The SODA-IIoT4Automotive demonstrator is built on top of the CHESS platform (Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems), an experimental and technical cybersecurity platform funded by ANSSI to support cybersecurity research effort.

This platform is part of French Government “Nouvelle France Industrielle”, Cybersecurity plan, action 8: set up one or more testing and demonstration cybersecurity platforms.

Publication: "Towards Better Availability and Accountability for IoT Updates by means of a Blockchain" by Aymen Boudguiga, Nabil Bouzerna, Louis Granboulan, Alexis Olivereau, Flavien Quesnel, Anthony Roger and Renaud Sirdey - 29 April 2017 on IEEE Security & Blockchain workshop (an IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy and Eurocrypt2017 affiliated workshop) 

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